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3 Reasons Chocolate is Your BFF For A Healthy Lifestyle

3 Reasons Chocolate is Your BFF For A Healthy Lifestyle

The first taste of that oh-so glorious chocolatey goodness accompanied with the overwhelming rush of rich cocoa that fills your mouth that just makes everything SO. MUCH. BETTER. Is it too much to say that we don’t think we could ever live without chocolate?! Well, here’s the good news for all of you - you don’t ever have to!

Despite it being commonly associated with unhealthy foods, consuming a moderate amount of chocolate can actually do you more good than harm. Our delish Fat Burning Hot Chocolate that’s made of rich natural cocoa, is our absolute fave! With only 25 calories a cup, our very own hot chocolate keeps you feeling full and curbs your sweet cravings. So sit back and sip on your favorite cup of guilt-free hot chocolate, as we let you in on 3 health benefits that made us fall in love with cocoa.


1. Protects Your Skin From Everyday Nasties


Our skin is our biggest organ so of course it is super important to give it all the TLC it needs. Antioxidants play a huge part in protecting you and your body from nasties, and the best part is you can get it from your favorite chocolatey snack! Cocoa helps to filter out harmful UV rays and is actually a great source of vitamins A, B1, C, D and E - all the essential ingredients to having beautiful youthful skin.


2. Boosts Your Mood in the Yummiest Way

Happy Mood

You know how chocolate is often everyone’s go-to for stress snacking? Well, that’s no coincidence because chocolate has shown to help elevate your mood, especially when you’re enjoying the chocolate that you’re eating! Cocoa causes the release of endorphins and serotonin in your brain, which both help lower stress levels and keep you smiling all day!


3. Keeps The Bad Cholesterol on the Down-low

Lowers Cholesterol

Having a strong and healthy heart is definitely key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and getting rid of bad cholesterol is the first thing you should do. So many of our favorite foods contain a huge amount of bad cholesterol, so thank God that chocolate isn’t one of them! Cocoa powder has been found to decrease bad cholesterol and boost good cholesterols in our bodies, especially with its abundance of powerful antioxidants that also keep our bad cholesterols in check. 


The Main Takeaway

Everything is good when taken in moderation, and so is chocolate! Cocoa, or chocolate, is a great source of multiple health benefits but of course, we aren’t talking about your favorite candy bars - the less sugar content the better. Bar chocolates with high cocoa percentages, especially dark chocolate, do bring about a whole load of good stuff and that’s what we’re all about! Psst, if you aren’t up for chomping down a bar of chocolate, we know a pretty good hot chocolate alternative for you *wink*!